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PRC Towers

“A towering opportunity for business”  

PRC Towers

A smart and prestigious office enhances the reputation of business which in turn generates more business. PRC Towers caters to the needs of established business and multinationals. Our functional yet aesthetically designed offices match the image of a company and serve as the perfect backdrop for high profile business.

PRC Towers, - Laying the Foundation for Success:

A 15 level modern architectural masterpiece created and is spread over 7,918 square yards with a covered area of 253,000 square feet. Conceived as a contemporary metropolitan business center, PRC Towers provides all the facilities required by today’s corporate world.   


Central Location:

PRC Towers gives the advantage of a central location without the congestion and traffic jams of downtown areas.


Low Maintenance:

Due to its specially formulated, textured finish the outer surface of the building is virtually maintenance free. The inside area mainly comprises of a hard wearing surface finish which required minimum maintenance.


Earthquake Resistant:

PRC Towers has the distinction of being one of the first buildings to be designed with the new earthquake resistance code.


Functional Yet Aesthetic:

While the entire building has been designed to maximize functional convenience like passive solar considerations which contribute the better energy management leading to lower operating cost. The overlooked either, premium quality bronze finished window and other delicate features add a touch of class to the surroundings.


An Office with a view:

Extended frontage of the site affords the two wings spectacular view. The bird’s eye view of the port of Karachi and the overall city itself provides a breathtaking backdrop to the processional environment.


Exclusive Car Park:

Basement and ground level parking lots can accommodate over 110 cars, meeting both PRC, tenant and visitors requirements.


Facilities for the fast lane:

PRC Towers is equipped with all the infrastructure of a modern office building.


Central Air Conditioning:

The building is equipped with air conditioning plant which features independent air handling control and shut down facility for each wing of the building.


Electric Supply:

High Tension power supply of 11 KVA from K Electric supported by an in-house 500 KVA emergency standby generator.


Communication Network:

The building is designed to receive incoming telephone lines by PTCL/NTC for all tenants.


Elevator System:

5 high speed (2.0 meters per sec.) passenger elevators and 1 passenger-cum freight elevator, provide swift inter floor transpiration conforming to international standards. These elevators ensure the shortest possible waiting time on floors, possible waiting time on floors.

These passenger elevators work on sophisticated group supervisory control system and adjust automatically to respond to up or down peak hour traffic. Facility has also been provided to exclude any elevator from group control for exclusive use of Executives.


Security System:

PRC Towers gives you the advantage of a comprehensive security system. These comprise of PRC security guards as well as personnel from reputable security agencies.


CCTV System:

Close circuit TV system is installed at entrance, exist and lobby.


Electrical Features:

Main Electric DP and Main Phone DP are provided on each floor and rest of the wiring with connections is to be done by the tenant. Provision of wiring for electronic locking system at main entrance in the lobby is to be installed at per the discretion of the tenant. Electricity meters to measure electricity consumption of the floor is also provided to each tenant.


Fire Protection:

  • Fire escape/emergency stairs
  • Two separate fire and emergency exits/staircases are provided, one for each wing.
  • Fire alarms, separate sets of fire fighting equipments and water hose reels are installed for each wing on every floor.


Space Available at PRC Towers:

Space is available for rent at PRC Towers, a fourteen-storied building PRC Towers, located in Lalazar Drive, M. T. Khan Road, Karachi in the vicinity of PNSC Building, Port Grand Restaurant, Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi. It provides all the facilities required by today’s corporate world. The position of vacant space is:-


Space on 7th Floor

Measuring 6,760 square feet

Financial Institutions, Banks and Multinational companies, who are interested in taking the space on rent may contact to the Building Project Department, 12th Floor, PRC Towers, 32-A, Lalazar Drive, M. T. Khan Road, Karachi on phone # 021-99202908 to 021-99202914, Extension # 237 for visiting the site from 10:00 a.m. to 04:30 p.m. during working days except (Saturday & Sunday).