Code of Conduct & Ethics

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The staff, officers and directors of the Pakistan Reinsurance Company Limited (the Company) shall:
  1. Have an obligation to carry their duties professionally, impartially, with integrity, without any fear or influence, and in the best interest of Company at large, keeping in view the code of conduct and ethics as defined hereunder.
  2. Protect and conserve the Company assets, property and funds and not use it for other than authorized activities.
  3. Not participate in, influence or attempt to influence an officer or an official decision or administrative action in violation of the Company laws particularly where, they have a personal interest.
  4. Not solicit participation in or influence voters for the election / selection of a member of the Board / Council or administrative body of any company, organization, professional body or any association not for profit, except the Insurance Association of Pakistan (IAP). However, they can exercise their individual voting right.
  5. Comply with the applicable rules governing their respective professional bodies including but not limited to chartered accountants, lawyers, cost and management accountants, CFAs, etc.
  6. Not communicate or allow to be communicated to any person not legally entitled thereto, any information relating to the affairs of the Company nor will allow any such person to inspect or have access to any books or documents belonging to or in the possession of the Company and relating to the business of the Company.
  7. Ensure the confidentiality of client information at all times except where required by law to disclose it.
  8. Ensure the confidentiality of information relating the Company both during the course of Directorship or employment (as the case may be) and after its termination (regardless of reasons)
  9. Not engage in activities or transactions which may give rise to, or which may be seen to be giving rise to conflict between their personal interests and the interests of Company.
  10. Not hold any personal financial interest, directly or indirectly, in any deal of supplying goods or services to the Company.
  11. Not keep or make copies of correspondence, documents, papers, record, list of clients or customers without an authorized purpose and all such information should be surrendered to the Company while quitting the employment / or directorship and the Company information and record should be kept on company’s premises only.
  12. Not contribute directly or indirectly, any funds or assets to any political party or organization or to any individual who either holds public office or is a candidate to a public office.



I,                                     do hereby affirm and declare that I have read the contents of the above Code of Conduct and undertake to abide by the requirements of the Code in discharge of my duties, and perform my functions, as a director / employee of the Pakistan Reinsurance Company Limited (PRCL), to the best of my knowledge, ability and belief.


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